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Tips: Hosting with Wine

4 Fabulous Dinner Party Ideas with Wine

Love hosting dinner parties? Sommelier Rachel Thralls shares four great dinner party ideas for those that love wine!

It's time to get creative with your dinner party plans! We've got some tips and tricks for hosting four fabulous dinner parties all incorporating great wine ideas!

What’s not to love about a dinner party filled with food and wine?

Wine for dinner parties.
Get organized in the kitchen

Signs of Spring: In Francis Ford Coppola Winery's Culinary Garden with Chef Tim

A short walk through the culinary garden offers inspiration for garnishing fresh dishes like those at RUSTIC Francis’s Favorites.

wine temperatures.
Tips: Hosting with Wine

Ideal serving Temperature for Wines

Learn which temperatures you should serve your favorite wines at for optimal flavors and aromas.

Three bottles and glasses.
Tips: Hosting with Wine

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

Want to wow your friends and family? Learn how to host a wine tasting party.

Gia holding a bucket of grapes.
From the Coppola family kitchen: Sides

Gia's Grape "Gelly"

Gia Coppola shares the story of how the family would make grape jelly after harvest. Recipe included.

Bundle of Asparagus.
Green and Lean

What does Plant-Forward Really Mean?

Really, it is a very simple concept that is deceptively hard to explain because people want to know the rules, boundaries, hard lines. 

Wine pairing.
Tips: Hosting with Wine

How to Pair Food & Wine

There's nothing like good food and wine, learn how to pair them together with these simple steps.

Wine 101

Barrel Aging

Learn what it means to barrel age wine and why it's so important to the winemaking process.

A sunny vineyard.
Wine 101

Grape growing and seasonality

Learn what is happening every season and expand your understanding past harvest (crush) time of the year!

Group of friends tailgating holding cans of wine and grilling hot dogs.
Tailgate Time

Tailgating with the Whole Family

There’s nothing like a weekend tailgate with friends and family to support your favorite baseball team. You may have been a tailgate pro before kids but including them in your tailgate is a great way to share your love of the game.