Pizza Entertaining Tips

perfect your pizza

1. Be sure to have all of your ingredients and tools ready before you begin to stretch your dough. You’ll want to thoroughly preheat your oven and have all of your toppings cut and ready. I like to use little glass or metal prep bowls to keep all of the ingredients tidy and within arm’s reach. Then it’s go time!

2. Bake your pizza outside by using a high temperature oven like the Ooni Karu 16 (my favorite). There’s no better way to spend a beautiful evening outdoors than making pizza together as a family. In our family, we take turns making the pizza as everyone loves getting in on the fun - especially my kids. It’s such an amazing way to bond as a family.

3. For the pizza toppings, draw inspiration from different areas of your life. We love to travel and wherever I go, I try to experience new foods and dishes that could one day become inspiration for a new pizza topping combo. Old family recipes passed down for generations are another special source of ideas. You can also look for inspiration at your local farmer’s market for the absolute best fruits and vegetables grown by a caring farmer. Look in your backyard for wild edibles like garlic mustard, Japanese knotweed, and dandelion greens which otherwise might be called weeds - I see them as your next favorite pizza topping!