A large bowl of elote dip surrounded by tortilla chips and cans of chardonnay wine.
Tailgate Time

Roasted Mexican Street Corn Dip

Have you ever had Elote? Yes? It’s delicious. No? Make this easier to eat version first, then try that. This Roasted Mexican Street Corn Dip is the spicier, creamier, fancier and easier to eat cousin.

Dark Chocolate Cake Bites with Francis Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon.
Recipes we love right now

Dark Chocolate Cake Bites

From our friends at eMeals, a decadent dessert to enjoy alongside our Diamond Collection Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the Kitchen with: Andrew Rea

S'more Créme Brûlée | Diamond Adventures with Andrew Rea

In this episode, Andrew prepares campfire-inspired Créme Brûlée you can make in your kitchen paired with Diamond Collection Merlot

A plate with eight potato croquettes lined up on it.
From the Coppola family kitchen: Sides

Potato Croquettes

The potato balls, crunchy on the outside and rich and tender on the inside, are so delicious that you might want to make a double batch of mashed potatoes so you'll be sure to have some leftover for making them. Serve them as a snack, as part of an antipasto platter or as a side dish.

Lamb Marrakesh and a glass of red wine.
Authentic Recipes: Rustic Francis's Favorites

Marrakesh Lamb

If you ever visit the souk in Marrakesh, Morocco, you might come across a little man sitting on a big pile of rocks. Order the lamb and he'll reach down and pull out a clay pot that has been covered in embers all night 

Three buffalo chicken sandwiches and cans of pinot grigio wine.
Tailgate Time

Pork Rind-Crusted Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Nothing intimidating about this take on fried chicken. Pork rinds coat the chicken to add a delicious crunch factor, while the tangy slaw and spicy sweet buffalo sauce layer to create that WOW worthy bite.

Prosciutto rolled up on a cutting board with olives.
Expert Wine Pairings

Tutti Prosciutto

Prosciutto is any Italian dry-cured ham. Prosciutto di Parma and Prosciutto di San Daniele are two giants of the category.

A bowl of gnocchi.
From the Coppola family kitchen: Pastas

Talia's Potato Gnocchi

One of the sweetest and most compelling scenes in Godfather III is when Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola are alone in a spacious restaurant kitchen making gnocchi together. It is leisurely, nuanced and deliciously sensual.

Feast like a Coppola

Cafe Zoetrope | Authentic Atmosphere

Learn about Francis Ford Coppola's San Francisco restaurant and wine shop and why it has been a mainstay in the iconic North Beach neighborhood for the past two decades.

Simple Recipes for Hosting

Grilled Bread with Goat Cheese and Green Olive Salad Recipe

This versatile recipe uses all stuff from your pantry, so you can make substitutions and it always turns out great!

Savory Cotija Churros with Salsa D’Arbol y Tamarindo.
Recipes: Explore our global community

Savory Cotija Churros with Salsa D’Arbol y Tamarindo Recipe

Learn how to make this authentic recipe, courtesy of The Culinary Institute of America.

BBQ Jackfruit Tacos with Salsa Verde and Corn Tortillas.
Recipes: Explore our global community

BBQ Jackfruit Tacos with Salsa Verde and Corn Tortillas Recipe

Learn how to make Barbecued Jackfruit Tacos, Corn Tortillas and Raw Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa from authentic recipes from the Culinary Institute of America