Lamb Marrakesh and a glass of red wine.
Authentic Recipes: Rustic Francis's Favorites

Marrakesh Lamb

If you ever visit the souk in Marrakesh, Morocco, you might come across a little man sitting on a big pile of rocks. Order the lamb and he'll reach down and pull out a clay pot that has been covered in embers all night 

A bowl of gnocchi.
From the Coppola family kitchen: Pastas

Talia's Potato Gnocchi

One of the sweetest and most compelling scenes in Godfather III is when Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola are alone in a spacious restaurant kitchen making gnocchi together. It is leisurely, nuanced and deliciously sensual.

A dish piled high with rigatoni and meat sauce.
From the Coppola family kitchen: Sauces

Zasa's Meat Sauce

Here are one of the two recipes by Italia's mother-in-law that she included in her book, Mama Coppola's Pasta Book. Look for meats cut for scaloppini or ask your butcher if she or he can slice some for you.

A plate with tune cakes, lemon wedges and a artichoke hearts and asparagus melody.
Flavorful recipes

Tuna Cakes

Tuna Cakes with Lemony Artichoke Hearts and Asparagus paired with Diamond Collection Chardonnay

Expert Demos: Culinary Institute of America

Pairing Basics: Basic Flavor Interactions

Elevate your next dining experience by learning how 12 different food components interact with four different styles of wine.

Feast like a Coppola

Blancaneaux Lodge Organic Garden Experience: A Vegetarian’s Dream

The farm at our luxury hideaway in Belize is truly farm to fork.

Feast like a Coppola

Fresh and Local: Turtle Inn and Coral Caye Dining Experiences

Located in Belize, Turtle Inn offers a variety of relaxed dining experiences and the highest-quality cuisine.

Feast like a Coppola

La Lancha | Chancletas

Discover the famous Guatemalan “chancletas”, an unusual, rich dessert made from the local chayote squash.

Feast like a Coppola

La Lancha | Authentic Guatemalan Cuisine

Visit La Lancha and indulge in delectable Guatemalan dining and maybe even learn how to hand-make tortillas.

Green and Lean

Tuna Steaks with Radish-Avocado Salsa

From our friends at eMeals, a delicious low-carb dinner recipe with a side of roasted green beans with goat cheese.

A large bowl of elote dip surrounded by tortilla chips and cans of chardonnay wine.
Tailgate Time

Roasted Mexican Street Corn Dip

Have you ever had Elote? Yes? It’s delicious. No? Make this easier to eat version first, then try that. This Roasted Mexican Street Corn Dip is the spicier, creamier, fancier and easier to eat cousin.

Springtime Potato Salad Recipe.
Foods Perfect for a Picnic

Springtime Potato Salad

Just in time for spring, a fresh twist on potato salad, full of greenery and life.